Volume 22(2)




  1. A new common fixed point theorem for two self-mappings defined on cone metric spaces, K. Prudhvi.
  2. Generalizations of Khamsi's KKM and fixed point theorems on hyperconvex metric spaces, Sehie Park.
  3. On Hadamard inequalities for n-times differentiable functions which are relative convex via Caputo k-fractional derivatives, Ghulam Farid, Anum Javed and Atiq ur Rehman.
  4. Common fixed point for a pair of non-self mappings in partial metric spacess, Terentius Rugumisa and Santosh Kumar.
  5. A note on limit maps and coincidence points of multimaps in Fréchet spaces, Donal O'Regan.
  6. Graph convergence for a system of generalized nonlinear implicit variational inclusions involving H(·,·)-co-accretive mappings, Salahuddin.
  7. Error estimates of the element-free Galerkin method for parabolic evolutionary variational inequalities, Tao Chen and Yi-bin Xiao.
  8. Compact morphisms and lefschetz coincidence theory, Donal O'Regan.
  9. Semi infinite programming for a class of fractional variational problems, Promila Kumar , Jyoti and Bharti Sharma.

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