Volume 22(1)




  1. Stability of solutions to parametric equilibrium problems, Bin Chen.
  2. Multiple coincidence principles, Donal O'Regan.
  3. Mixed type iteration scheme for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in uniformly convex Banach spaces, G. S. Saluja.
  4. On Quasi-star Class (A,k) operators, M. H. M. Rashid.
  5. Dhage iteration method for approximating solutions of a IVP of nonlinear first order hybrid functional differential equations of neutral type, B. C. Dhage.
  6. Solution of general variational inequality problems in Banach spaces, Salahuddin.
  7. Strong and Δ-convergence theorems under a recent iterative scheme in CAT(0) spaces, Mohmamad Imdad and Samir Dashputre.
  8. Two generalized duality fixed point theorems for set-valued mappings in Banach spaces, Yue-tian Zhan and Xue-song Li.

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