Volume 21(1)




  1. A remark on generalized KKM maps on KKM spaces, Wanbok Lee.
  2. Fixed point result on (ψ, φ) -quasi weak contraction in cone metric spaces, K. Prudhvi.
  3. On Pareto equilibrium problems with partially ordered preferences, Jinlu Li.
  4. New examples of KKM spaces, Sehie Park.
  5. Some new Householder like iterative methods, Arif Rafiq, Shin Min Kang and Faisal Ali.
  6. On the Ge's extension of Gaines-Mawhin's continuation theorem, Jinlu Li, Youhua Qian and Qingmin Hao.
  7. An existence result for extended equilibrium problem without convexity, Mijanur Rahaman and Rais Ahmad.
  8. Some stability and convergence results for Picard, Mann, Ishikawa and Jungck type iterative algorithms for Akram-Zafar-Siddiqui type contraction mappings, M. O. Olatinwo.
  9. On Hadamard Inequalities for relative convex functions via fractional integrals, Ghulam Farid, Atiq ur Rehman and Moquddsa Zahra.
  10. Dhage iteration method for approximating positive solutions of nonlinear first order ordinary quadratic differential equations with maxima, Shyam B. Dhage and Bapurao C. Dhage.
  11. Ramp loss quadratic support vector machine for classification, Ben-zhang Yang, Ming-hui Wang and Han Yang and Tao Chen.
  12. A generalized common fixed point result for three self-mappings in cone metric spaces, K. Prudhvi.

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