Volume 20




  1. Fuzzy regularized nonlinear nonconvex random variational inequalities, Salahuddin.
  2. Operator theoretic techniques in the theory of nonlinear ordinary hybrid differential equations, Bapurao Dhage.
  3. Remarks on fixed point and generalized vector equilibrium problems, Sehie Park.
  4. Strong and  Δ-convergence of new three-step iteration process in CAT(0) spaces, Gurucharan S. Saluja.
  5. Fixed point theorems of a generalized (ψ, φ)-contractive mapping of integral type in metric spaces, R. Arab.
  6. H(·,·)-mixed relaxed co-monotone mapping and Ishikawa type iterative algorithm for generalized variational inclusions, Rais Ahmad, Haider Abbas Rizvi and Mijanur Rahaman.
  7. Common coupled fixed point theorems for hybrid pair of mappings under some weaker conditions satisfying an implicit relation, Bhavana Deshpande and Amrish Handa.
  8. Sensitivity of the set of solutions for a class of fractional set-valued projected dynamical systems, Xin-kun Wu, Zeng-bao Wu and Yun-zhi Zou.
  9. Strong and Δ-convergence theorems for two totally asymptotical nonexpansive mappings in CAT(0) spaces, Gurucharan S. Saluja.
  10. Several fixed point theorems and their applications to ordered variational inequalities on ordered topological vector spaces, Jinlu Li and Congjun Zhang.
  11. A minimal noncommuting condition and existence of common fixed points under noncontractive condition, Ravindra K. Bisht.
  12. A modified viscosity approximation method to fixed points for nonexpansive mappings, Qiqiong Chen and Yuanguo Zhu.
  13. Comments on "some remarks on Park's abstract convex spaces", Sehie Park.
  14. A class of stochastic weak vector quasivariational inequality problems, Shu-qiang Shan, Wen-yong Yan and Da-yuan Ren.
  15. Competitive multi-period pricing for supply shortage commodity under demand and supply uncertainty, Yu-zhou Tang and Jue Lu.
  16. On a fractional differential inclusion with fractional multiterm integral boundary conditions, Aurelian Cernea.
  17. A common fixed point result for weak contractive mapping in cone metric spaces, K. Prudhvi.
  18. Connected sets of coincidences of nonlinear operators, Donal O'Regan.
  19. Convergence analysis for hierarchical optimizations, Salahuddin.
  20. Some fixed point theorems of contractive type conditions in cone b-metric spaces, G. S. Saluja.
  21. Some Cebysev type inequalities involving functions whose first derivative belongs to abstract spaces-I, Shahzad Ahmad and Arif Rafiq.
  22. Some Cebysev type inequalities involving functions whose first derivative belongs to abstract spaces-II, Shahzad Ahmad and Arif Rafiq.
  23. An iterative method with higher-order convergence, Shahzad Ahmad and Arif Rafiq.

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