Volume 19




  1. Current works of Korean mathematicians, Sehie Park.
  2. On controllability for fractional differential equations on unbounded intervals, Mouffak Benchohra and Fatima Ouaar.
  3. Fractional differential inclusions with anti-periodic boundary conditions, Mouffak Benchohra, Farida Berhoun, Naima Hamidi and Juan J. Nieto.
  4. Stability analysis of two related projective dynamical systems in Hilbert spaces, Zeng-bao Wu and Yun-zhi Zou.
  5. Regularization and iterative methods for inverse mixed variational inequalities, Xue-ping Luo and Hao Yang.
  6. Regularization techniques for inverse variational inequalities involving relaxed cocoercive mappings in Hilbert spaces, Salahuddin.
  7. Some binary relations on R+ that never stabilize under alternating transitive closure and topological closure operators, Jinlu Li.
  8. Krasnosielski type results for general classes of maps, Donal O'Regan.
  9. Remarks on fixed points, maximal elements, and equilibria of economies in abstract convex spaces: Revisited, Sehie Park.
  10. Markowitz investment portfolio model with transaction costs and capital budget in varying capital structure, Han Yang, Wu Zhou and Ke-wei Ding.
  11. An option game model involving two newer uncertain technologies, Yuan-li Zhang and Si-sheng Yao.
  12. Pricing volatility options via the lattice algorithm, Fang-run He and Shu-qiang Shan.
  13. On the existence of unbounded endogenous economic growths, Alexander J. Zaslavski and Yacov Tsur.
  14. The existence of generalized Nash equilibria of strategic games with partially ordered preferences, Jinlu Li, Linsen Xie and Wenshan Yang.
  15. Multi-level distance labelings for corona product of P2 with Pn and Sn, Saima Nazeer and Imrana Kousar.
  16. On the convergence of Mann iteration scheme for two Φ-hemicontractive mappings, Ashaq Ali and Arif Rafiq.
  17. On generalized Mann type iteration method for hemicontractive mappings in Hilbert spaces, Ashaq Ali, Arif Rafiq and Shin Min Kang.
  18. A new third-order iterative method for solving nonlinear equations, Arif Rafiq, Faisal Ali, Shin Min Kang and Muhammad Shazib Hameed.
  19. Solution of linear and nonlinear ordinary differential equations using Tau method based on Chebyshev operational matrix of differentiation, Faisal Ali, Arif Rafiq, Shin Min Kang and Waqas Aslam.
  20. On the existence of solutions for a class of nonconvex Hadamard-type fractional differential inclusions, Aurelian Cernea.
  21. Reconsideration on  "An improvement to the fixed point iterative method", Jafar Biazar, Shin Min Kang and Arif Rafiq.
  22. Three-step iterative scheme involving three asymptotically nonexpansive mappings on uniformly metric spaces, Ashaq Ali, Shin Min Kang and Arif Rafiq.
  23. A survey on characterizations of metric completeness, Wanbok Lee and Yuncherl Choi.

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