Volume 18




  1. Applications of fixed point theory to generalized Nash qquilibria of nonmonetized noncooperative games on Banach lattices, Jinlu Li.
  2. Order-optimization problems and ordered variational inequalities on Banach lattices, Byung-Soo Lee and Jinlu Li.
  3. Comments on the FWC-spaces of H. Lu and J. Zhang, Sehie Park.
  4. Remarks on an example of the GFC-spaces of Khanh, Long and Quan, Sehie Park.
  5. Some new common endpoint theorems for generalized nonlinear multi-valued mappings, Yun-long Wang and Zhao-hong Xiang.
  6. Cone semi-metric spaces and fixed point theorems for generalized weak contractive mappings , Danning Xu and Lei Deng.
  7. Hermite-Hadamard inequalities for hφ-convex functions, M. Aslam Noor, K. Inayat Noor, M. Adnan Ashraf, M. Uzair Awan and B. Bashir.
  8. Semilocally b-preinvex fuzzy mappings with an application to a fuzzy nonlinear programming, Zong-fu Tang and Ke-wei Ding.
  9. Orthonormalization process in Banach spaces with an application to the best approximation problem, Yang Long and Chuan-xian Deng.
  10. A class of implicit variational inclusions system in Banach spaces, Zhangyou Chen.
  11. Common fixed points for two pairs of mappings satisfying property (E.A) in normed Boolean vector spaces, M. Abbas, S. N. Mishra and Rajendra Pant.
  12. Subjective belief projection and subjective belief probabilities for representations of horse lotteries, Jinlu Li and Congjun Zhang.
  13. A note on "Iterative methods to nonlinear equations", Arif Rafiq and Munshoor Ahmed.
  14. Some comments on "An iterative method for solving nonlinear functional equations", Arif Rafiq.
  15. A simple iterative method for the solution of absolute value equations, Malik Shahadat Ali Taj and Arif Rafiq.
  16. Rational solutions of KdV, K(2,2), Burgers and cubic Boussinesq equations by using DJ method, M. Yaseen, M. Ahmad and M. Samraiz. 

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