Volume 17


August  2012


  1. Abstract convex spaces, KKM spaces and -spaces, Sehie Park.
  2. Existence theorems of solutions for systems of generalized vector quasi-equilibrium problems with moving cones and its applications in -spaces, Ming-ge Yang and Lei Deng.
  3. Remarks on marginally closed-valued KKM maps and related matters, Sehie Park.
  4. Strong convergence by iterative algorithms for fixed points of multivalued nonexpansive mappings, Bo Ye, Byung-Soo Lee and Nan-jing Huang.
  5. Remarks on the paper “variational relation problem without the KKM property with applications" by Y. J. Pu and Z. Yang, Sehie Park.
  6. On a new modified Mann type implicit iteration for continuous hemi-pseudocontractive mappings, Qifei Liu.
  7. Graph convergence for the --accretive operator in Banach spaces with an application, Mei Yuan, Xi Li and Yun-zhi Zou.
  8. Some -distance version of Caristi type coincidence point theorems for set-valued mappings, Qiang Shu and Xue-song Li.
  9. Some new integral inequalities for twice differentiable convex mappings, Mehmet ZekiSari kaya and Huseyin Yildirim.
  10. Fixed and stationary point theorems in b-metric spaces, Rajendra Pant.
  11. Nonlinear quadratic volterra Riemann-Liouville integral equations of fractional order, Saïd Abbas and Mouffak Benchohra.
  12. A new sixth order iterative method for nonlinear equations, Muhammad Rafiullah.
  13. On the convergence of solutions of some nonlinear differential equations of fifth order, Erdal Korkmaz and Cemil Tunç.
  14. On the continuity of transitive closures of vector relations on Banach spaces and its applications to utility theory, Jinlu Li and Congjun Zhang.
  15. A simple iterative method for the solution of absolute value equations, Malik Shahadat Ali Taj and Arif Rafiq.
  16. On the convergence of Mann iteration scheme for three -hemicontractive mappings, Arif Rafiq.
  17. Reconsideration on asymptotically pseudocontractive mappings, Byung-Soo Lee and Arif Rafiq.
  18. On three-step iterative process with errors for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings, Arif Rafiq.
  19. On approximation of fixed points of asymptotically demicontractive mappings, Slobodanka Mitrovic and Arif Rafiq
  20. A new iterative technique for solving nonlinear higher-order boundary value problems, Sidra Athar and Arif Rafiq
  21. Almost stability of the three-step iteration method involving strictly hemicontractive mappings in smooth Banach spaces, Byung-Soo Lee and Arif Rafiq
  22. Numerical solution of Voltera integral equations by using integral mean value theorem, Sidra Athar and Arif Rafiq

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