Volume 14


August  2009


  1. A unified approach to KC-maps in the KKM theory, Sehie Park.
  2. Viscosity iterative schemes for asymptotically nonexpansive semigroup in Banach spaces, Yali Li, Lei Deng and Jianjun Liu.
  3. An interior proximal method for solving pseudomonotone nonLipschitzian multivalued variational inequalities, Pham Ngoc Anh.
  4. Three-step steepest descent approximations in Banach spaces, Lj. B. Ciric, Byung-Soo Lee and Arif Rafiq.
  5. Remarks on the partial KKM principle, Sehie Park.
  6. Fixed point iterations for a family of asymptotically pseudocontractive mappings, Byung-Soo Lee and Arif Rafiq.
  7. Convergence theorems of common fixed points for a finite family of uniformly quasi-Lipschitzian mappings in convex metric spaces, Guozhu He.
  8. Iterative processes for totally asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappings in convex metric spaces, Xue Meng, Qifei Liu and Lei Deng.
  9. Approximation solution for a new class of general nonlinear ordered variational inequalities and ordered equations in ordered Banach spaces, Hong-gang Li..
  10. A note on “Simpler is also better in approximating fixed points”, Arif Rafiq and Byung-Soo Lee.
  11. An extension of some fixed point theorems for single-valued and multi-valued Picard operators in b-metric spaces, M. O. Olatinwo.
  12. New analytic estimate on critical value and shear stress function of Falkner-Skan equations, X. Y. Wang, M. Hu and G. C. Yang.
  13. A note on the paper “Remarks on fixed point theorems of Berinde”, V. Berinde and Madalina Pacurar.
  14. Solving Goursat and Laplace problem by modified variational iteration method, S. T. Mohyud-Din, M. A. Noor and K. I. Noor.
  15. Existence of common fixed points for a couple of asymptotically regular mappings with an application, Min Zhou.
  16. Generalized nonlinear complementarity problems for random fuzzy mappings, Wen-bin Zhang.
  17. Modified variational iteration method for solving higher-order integro differential equations, Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din and Muhammad Aslam Noor.
  18. Hadamard integral inequalities for product of two preinvex functions, Muhammad Aslam Noor.
  19. Periodic solutions to impulsive functional differential inclusions with constraints , Radoslaw Pietkun.
  20. Duality in multiobjective fractional variational control problems with generalized F-invexity, Ti-ming Ding, Ke-wei Ding and Tuo Liu.
  21. Continuous selections and fixed points in topological ordered spaces, Qun Luo.

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