Volume 13(2)


December  2008


  1. Hermite-Hadamard integral inequalities for log--convex functions, Muhammad Aslam Noor.
  2. Numerical methods for solving a special sixth-order boundary value problem, Shaher Momani, Muhammad Aslam Noor and Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din.
  3. Existence results for semilinear perturbed functional differential inclusions with infinite delay, M. Belmekki, M. Benchohra, L. Gòrniewicz and S. K. Ntouyas.
  4. Existence and uniqueness of concave and convex solutions of mixed convection equation, H. C. Kang, J. C. Yang and G. C. Yang.
  5. K-nonsmooth invex functions and vector optimization problems in Banach spaces, Hai-meng Zhao, Byung-Soo Lee and Nan-jing Huang.
  6. The equivalence between Mann-Ishikawa iterations and three-step iterations in Hilbert spaces, Yan Deng, Xiao-zhan Xu, Xin-chang Min and Zhao-hong Xiang.
  7. Some new multi-step iterative methods for solving nonlinear equations using modified homotopy perturbation method, Arif Rafiq and Muhammad Rafiullah.
  8. Composite implicit iterative process for family of strictly pseudocontractive mappings, Byung-Soo Lee and Arif Rafiq.
  9. Approximation solution for generalized nonlinear ordered variational inequality and ordered equation in ordered Banach space, Hong-gang Li.
  10. A note on “Approximating fixed points of holomorphic mappings in the Hilbert ball”, Arif Rafiq.

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