Volume 13(1)


June  2008


  1. Comments on recent studies on abstract convex spaces, Sehie Park.
  2. Approximation of the efficient solution by perturbation of the ordering cone, Jun Song and Xun-Hua Gong.
  3. Sensitivity analysis for general nonlinear set-valued parametric mixed quasi-variational inclusions with (A, η)- accretive mappings, Hong-Gang Li.
  4. Fixed points of multivalued mappings in Hausdorff topological spaces, Mirosław Ślosarski.
  5. An iterative algorithm for asymptotically pseudocontractive mappings, Byung-Soo Lee and Arif Rafiq.
  6. Ishikawa iterative algorithms with errors for nonlinear mappings in Banach spaces, Guozhu He.
  7. Density of the range of the Fréchet subdifferential of a lower semicontinuous function in Asplund spaces, Nguyen Huy Chieu.
  8. Mann iterative process with error term for pseudocontractive mappings, Arif Rafiq and Byung-Soo Lee.
  9. Sufficient optimality conditions for nonlinear programming with ρ-locally arcwise connected and related functions, I. M. Stancu-Minasian and Andreea Mădălina Stancu.
  10. Fifth-order iterative scheme using decomposition technique, Farooq Ahmad and Arif Rafiq.
  11. Numerical results of a singular boundary value problems related with mixed convection equation arising in boundary layer theory, G. C. Yang and J. C. Hu.
  12. Some numerical methods for solving special third-order initial-boundary value problems, Shaher Momani and Muhammad Aslam Noor.

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