Volume 12(2)


December  2007


  1. Comments on some abstract convex spaces and the KKM maps, Sehie Park.
  2. Iterative methods for linear complementarity problems with perturbation and interval data, Wen-yong Yan.
  3. New iterative approximation for general nonlinear variational inclusions involving (A,η)-accretive mappings in Banach spaces, Mao-Ming Jin.
  4. On statistically pre-cauchy sequences and bounded sequence of moduli, Vakeel A. Khan and Q. M. Danish Lohani.
  5. Existence conditions of positive solution for systems of second order nonlinear differential equations, Xiaolan Liu and Jiang Zhu.
  6. On iterative approximation of fixed points of Lipschitzian strictly pseudo-contractive mappings, Arif Rafiq.
  7. A new class of generalized global set-valued dynamical systems involving (H,η)-monotone operators in Hilbert spaces, Yun-zhi Zou, Nan-jing Huang and Byung-Soo Lee.
  8. On some characterizations of nonconvex functions, Muhammad Aslam Noor.
  9. Some classes of equilibrium problems, Muhammad Aslam Noor.
  10. Remarks on fixed point theorems of Berinde, S. L. Singh and Rajendra Pant.
  11. New numerical solutions of the Falkner-Skan equation using equivalent equation, G. C. Yang and J. C. Hu.
  12. Lefschetz and antipodal fixed point theory for multivalued maps of Urysohn type, Donal O'Regan.
  13. Asymptotic derivable fields and nonlinear complementarity problems, G. Isac.

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