Volume 12(1)


June  2007


  1. Parametric minimax theorems with application, Hoang Tuy.
  2. Ishikawa iteration scheme for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings on uniformly convex metric spaces, Arif Rafiq.
  3. Remarks on KC-maps and KO-maps in abstract convex spaces, Sehie Park.
  4. New inequalities for the weighted Cebysev functional and applications, S. S. Dragomir.
  5. Implicit iteration process for common fixed point of a finite family of asymptotically hemicontractive mappings in Banach spaces, Xian-jun Long, Byung-Soo Lee and Nan-jing Huang.
  6. An existence result of the solution for mixed type functional differential equations with parameter, Veronica Ana Ilea, Marcel-Adrian Serban.
  7. A note on singular second-order boundary value problems with sign-changing\par nonlinear term , Li-Li Shi and Xiu-Li Chen.
  8. Generic well-posedness of minimization problems without compactness assumptions, Alexander J. Zaslavski.
  9. Some new sixth order variants of Newton's method, Arif Rafiq, Farooq Ahmad and Sifat Hussain.
  10. Some applications of quadrature formulas for solving nonlinear equations, Muhammad Aslam Noor.
  11. Some new Ky Fan's matching theorems in topological ordered spaces, Qun Luo.
  12. Controllability of evolution inclusions in Banach spaces with nonlocal conditions, L. Gorniewicz, S.K. Ntouyas and D. O'Regan.
  13. Scalarization approaches for generalized vector variational inequalities, Zhi-bin Liu, Nan-jing Huang and Byung-Soo Lee.

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