Volume 11(2)


December  2006


  1. Fixed point theorems on KC-maps in abstract convex spaces, Sehie Park.
  2. A nonlinear characterization of bounded linear functionals, B. Djafari Rouhani and S. Moradi.
  3. On a duality scheme in linear fractional programming, Ta Quang Son.
  4. A note on the projective limit approach to fixed point theorems for multimaps defined on subsets of Frechet spaces, Donal O'Regan.
  5. Ekeland's principle and the density of the Ekeland's point in topological vector spaces, Jiang Zhu, Xiaolan Liu and Vasile Postolica.
  6. Strong convergence of an implicit iteration process with errors for a finite family of nonexpansive mappings, Arif Rafiq.
  7. Noncontinuous noncommuting mappings satisfying a rational inequality, M. Imdad, Tariq Iqtadar Khan and Javid Ali.
  8. Duality for multiobjective fractional programming problems,Radu Ioan Bot, Robert Chares and Gert Wanka.
  9. Common fixed point theorems for two pairs on non-self mappings in metrically convex spaces by altering distances, M. Imdad and Ladlay Khan.
  10. Periodic boundary value problems of first order functional differential equations in Banach algebras, B. C. Dhage.
  11. Related fixed points for three pairs of set valued mappings on three metric spaces, R. K. Namdeo and Brian Fisher.
  12. Analytical approximate solution for a nonlinear fractional integro-differential equation, Shaher Momani and Rami Qaralleh.

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