Volume 10(2)


December  2005


  1. Bicriteria strictly quasiconcave maximization on noncompact sets, T. N. Hoa, T. D. Phuong and N. D. Yen.
  2. Solvability of a new class of mixed monotone operator equations with an application, Guang He, Byung-Soo Lee and Nan-jing Huang.
  3. Nonlinear perturbed functional random differential equations, B. C. Dhage and S. K. Ntouyas.
  4. Acyclic versions for some minimax inequalities, Mircea Balaj
  5. A note on singular Dirichlet boundary value problems with sign-changing nonlinearities, He Ping Cheng.
  6. Existence and algorithm of solutions for general nonlinear multivalued mixed quasi-variational-like inclusions in Banach spaces, Mao-Ming Jin.
  7. Lotka-Volterra system with two delays via weakly Picard operators,Diana Otrocol.
  8. Reversing the CBS-inequality for sequences of vectors in Hilbert spaces with applications (I), S. S. Dragomir.
  9. On a generic existence result for a class of optimization problems, Alexander J. Zaslavski.
  10. Properties of approximate preinvex functions, Muhammad Aslam Noor, S. K. Mishra and Shaher Momani.
  11. Auxiliary principle and three-step iterative algorithms for bilinear quasi-variational-like inequality, Chuan-Xian Deng and Xiao-Ping Huang.

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