Volume 10(1)


June  2005


  1. Variational-like inequalities and gap functions, Abdul Khaliq and Soon Yi Wu
  2. Round-off stability of Picard iterative procedure for multivalued operators, S. L. Singh, Charu Bhatnagar and Amal M. Hashim
  3. Common fixed point theorems for a pair of non-self mappings, M. Imdad and Ladlay Khan
  4. A survey on the best approximation in locally convex spaces, Vasile Postolică
  5. Pairs of multivalued operators, Alina Sîntămărian
  6. Existence theory for nonlinear functional perturbed differential equations, B. C. Dhage
  7. Solvability of nonlinear equations, global optimization and complementarity theory an application to elasticity, G. Isac
  8. Some new common fixed point theorems for converse commuting multi-valued mappings in symmetric spaces with applications, Qi-kuan Liu and Xin-qi Hu
  9. A fixed point theorem for multi-valued mappings in ordered Banach spaces with applications, B. C. Dhage
  10. Some approximation theorems of fixed points for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings, Jing-Ai Liu

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