Volume 8(1)


June  2003


  1. Generalized nonlinear vector quaso variational-like inequalities, Abdul Khaliq
  2. Generalized nonlinear mixed η-type variarional inequality problem, B. S. Lee and Salahuddin
  3. A related fixed point theorem for two pairs of mappings on two meric spaces, R. K. Namdeo and Brian Fisher
  4. Generalized nonolinear multivalued quasivariational inclusions involving relaxed Lipschitz and relazed monotone mappings, Li Jin, Zeqing Liu and Byung-Soo Lee
  5. Generalized nonlinear fuzzy quasi-variational-like inclusions involving maximal η-monotone mappings, Heng-you Lan, Zhong-quan He and Jun Li
  6. An asymptotic Minty's type variational inequality with pseudomonotone operators, G. Isac
  7. A proof of the Sperner lemma from the Brouwer fixed point theorem, Sehie Park and Kwang Sik Jeong
  8. Boyd and Wong type theorems for two pairs of non-self mappings, M. Imdad and Santosh Kumar
  9. A Grüss related integral inequality and applications, S. S. Dragomir
  10. Sensitivity analysis for strongly nonlinear quasi-variarional inclusions involving generalized m-accretive mappings, Mao-Ming Jin 

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