Volume 7(2)


December  2002


  1. On the Jessen’s inequality for isotonic linear functionals, S. S. Dragomir
  2. Coincidence and fixed points theorems for noncontinuous hibrid contractions, Valeriu Popa
  3. Completely generalized nonlinear variational-like inclusions with noncompact set-valued mappings, Rais Ahmad, Abdul Khaliq and S. S. Irfan
  4. Collectively fixed point theorems, Ravi P. Agarwal and Donal O’Regan
  5. Optimal shape design for systems governed by nonlinear hemivariational inequalities, D. Inoan and J. Kolumban
  6. Extremal sets as fractals, K. Lesniak
  7. Limits of a solution of a nonlinear differential equation, Cezar Avramescu
  8. Pareto efficiency, Choquet boundaries and operators in Hausdorff locally convex spaces, Vasile Postolica
  9. A note on random fixed point theorems for single valued generalized contraction random maps, R. P. Agarwal, D. O’Regan and M. Sambandlham
  10. Generalized quasimonotone variational inequalities, Mee-Kwang Kang and Gu-Dae Lee

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