Volume 6(2)


September  2001


  1. Fixed points on star-shaped sets, Sehie Park
  2. Fixed points and essentiality for weakly continuous maps, Ravi P. Agarwaly and Donal O'Regan
  3. Existence and approximation of solutions to variational inclusions with accretive mappings in banach spaces, Shin-sen Changy and Jingai Liu
  4. Ekeland's variational principle in ordered abelian groups, A. B. Németh
  5. Sensitivity analysis for generalized parametric implicit quasivariational inequalities, Hua Dongy, Byung-Soo Lee and Nan Jing Huang
  6. On the equilibrium of a multidimensional ecosystem, Vasile Postolică, AntoninoScarelli and Lorenzo Venzi 
  7. A generalization of the trapezoidal rule for the Riemann-Stieltjes integral and applications, S. S. Dragomir, C.Buşe, M. V. Boldea and L. Braescu
  8. Coerciveness property for a class of set-valued mappings, Alexandru Kristály and Csaba Varga
  9. Lagrangian multiplier rule for set-valued optimization, Gábor Kassay and Kazimierz Nikodem
  10. Some connections between supernormal cones, generalized dynamical systems and choquet boundaries, Vasile Postolică and Valer Nimineţ
  11. Complementarity problems, karamardian's condition and a generalization of Harker-Pang condition, G. Isac and Jinlu Li
  12. Periodic solutions of discontinuous differential systems, Jan Andres and Libor Jüttner
  13. Generalized multivalued nonlinear quasi-variational like inclusions, Salahuddin and Rais Ahmad
  14. Variational inequalities for L-pseudomonotone maps, Byung-Soo Lee, Mee-Kwang Kang, Suk-Jin Lee and Kyu-Han Yang

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