Volume 6(1)


March  2001


  1. Cardinal basis interpolation on multivariate scattered data, G. Allasia
  2. Nonlinear sampling type operators: approximation properties and regular methods of summability, C. Bardaro and G. Vinti
  3. An iteration scheme for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings on uniformly convex metric spaces, I. Beg
  4. Bifurcation results for families of fredholm maps of index zero between banach spaces, P. Benevieri and M. Furi
  5. Subdifferentiability of typical continuous functions, J. M. Borwein and X. Wang
  6. Existence of maximal elements and applications, A. Carbone
  7. On the eigenvalue problem for some nonlinear perturbations of compact selfadjoint operators, R. Chiappinelli
  8. Generalized quasi-variational inequalities for hemi-continuous operators on non-compact sets, M. S. R. Chowdhury, E. Tarafdar, S. P. Singh and B. Watson
  9. Fixed points of mappings definedon a ball of a reflexive banach space, D. Delbosco
  10. Birkhoff interpolation on some perturbed roots of unity, H. P. Dikshit
  11. Fixed point properties of mappings satisfying local contractive conditions, R. Espnola, E. S. Kim and W. A. Kirk
  12. Related fixed points for mappings on complete and compact metric spaces, B. Fisher and D. Trko─člu
  13. Local solvability for nonlinear partial differential equations, G. Garello and L. Rodino
  14. KKM theorem and minimax inequalities in G-convex spaces, I. Kim
  15. Some inequalities involving beta and gamma functions, P. Kumar, S. P. Singh and S. S. Dragomir
  16. Applications of a general minimax type principle to variational inequalities and approximation theory, J. Li
  17. An extension of Ky Fan's best approximation theorem, J. Li and S. P. Singh
  18. Resolvent equations technique for general variational inclusions, M. A. Noor
  19. Fixed point theorems on connected ordered spaces, S. Park
  20. Some fixed point iteration procedures, II, B. E. Rhoades and L. Saliga
  21. Stability results for optimal values, constrained level sets and approximate minima, P. Shunmugaraj and D. V. Pai
  22. Some recent advances and new directions in interior point methods for linear programming, J. N. Singh
  23. Invertible multiplication operators on weighted function spaces, R. K. Singh and J. S. Manhas
  24. The representation of multiple Fourier series, V. Singh
  25. An extension of Browder fixed point theorem and applications, P. S. Srinivasan and P. Veeramani

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