Volume 5


July  2000


  1. Condition , Altman's condition and the scalar asymptotic derivative : applications to complementarity theory, G. Isac
  2. Generalized KKM maps on generalized convex spaces, Sehie Park and Hoonjoo Kim
  3. Variational inequalities given by semi-pseudomonotone mappings, G. Kassay and J. Kolumbán
  4. Fixed point theorems of the Park type in S-KKM class, Young-Ye Huang and Jyh-Chung Jeng
  5. Completely generalized non-linear variational inclusions involving relaxed Lipschitz and relazed monotone mappings, R. Ahmad, K. R. Kazmi and Salahuddin
  6. On a general projection algorithm for set-valued strongly nonlinear implicit quasivariational inequalities, Byung-Soo Lee, Suk-Jin Lee and Nan Jing Huang
  7. Iterative solutions of nonlinear equations with φ-strongly accretive operators, Qiang Yin, Zeqing Liu and Byung-Soo Lee
  8. The Markhoff-Kakutani theorem for compact affine maps, Hye-Sook Chon and Wanbok Lee
  9. Some connections between best approximation, vectorial optimization and multicriteria analysis, Vasile Postolica and Antonino Scarelli
  10. An Ostrowski's type inequalitity for a random variable whose probability density function belings to L[a,b], N. S. BArnett and S. S. Dragomir
  11. Stochastic intefrals with ultivalued intefrators, Mariusz Michta
  12. Holomorphically accretive mappings and spiral-shaped functions of proper contractions, Mark Rlin, Simeon Reich and David Shoikhet
  13. The existence of periodic solutions for the non-linear autonomous O. D. Es., B. Mehri and M. Niksirat
  14. Comparison theorem for the Nth order differential equations, Monika Kovácová

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