Volume 4


July  1999


  1. Approximation of common fixed points of a family of self-mappings, Tae-Hwa Kim and Man-Dong Hur
  2. Minimax problems and variational inequalities in probabilistic metric spaces, S. S. Chang, Y. J. Cho, X. Wu and B. S. Lee
  3. An ergodic theorem for sequences in a Hilbert space, Behzad Djafari Rouhani
  4. A generalization of Karamardian's condition in complementarity theory, G. Isac
  5. On the stability and stabilizability of nonlinear dynamical systems, Vu Ngoc Phat
  6. Accretive equations in cone of Banach space, Shin-sen Chang
  7. Fixed point theorems on a generalized metric space, Jeong Sheok Ume
  8. Duality in the optimal control for damped hyperbolic systems with positive control, Jong Yeoul Park and Mi Jin Lee
  9. Vector variational inequalities for fuzzy mappings, Gue Myung Lee, Do Sang Kim and Byung-Soo Lee
  10. Borsuk-Ulam type theorems II, Zdzislaw Dzedzej, Adam Idzik and Marek Izydorek
  11. Some classes of continuous linear functionals in smooth  normed spaces, Sever Silvestru Dragomir
  12. The Leray-Schauder principles for condensing approximable and  other multimaps, Sehie Park and Kwang Sik Jeong
  13. Nonmetric versions of the Ekeland type variational principles, Byung Gai Kang and Jeong-Heon Kim
  14. Generalized set-valued nonlinear implicit quasi-variational  inequalities, Yuan-song Luo, Yeol Je Cho and Nan-jing Huang

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