Volume 2


November 1996


  1. Convergence of the Ishikawa iteration process for two mappings, Jeong Sheok Ume
  2. Five episodes related to the Fan-Browder fixed point theorem, Sehik Park
  3. Fixed point theorems of local power condensing mappings on metric spaces, Tae Hwa Kim
  4. Ishikawa and Mann iteration methods for strongly accretive operators, Jong Yeoul Park and Jae Ug Jeong
  5. Strong convergence theorems for multivalued nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces, Jong Soo Jung and Tae Hwa Kim
  6. Fixed points in fuzzy metric spaces, C. O. Kang, S. M. Kang and Y. J. Cho
  7. A counter example on implicit variational inequalities, Sangho Kum
  8. Existence of solutions for differential equations on closed subsets in a probabilistic normed spaces, Jong Kyu Kim and Byung Jae Jin
  9. Duality for nonlineat multiobjective fractional variational problems, Do Sang Kim, Gue Myung Lee and Hun Kuk
  10. A generalization of matching theorems and variational inequalities on H-spaces, Sang Chul Lee and Byung-Soo Lee

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